Crestview Elementary students return to Merriam and a brand new school building after spring break

Principal Bartel shows off one of the lower grade classrooms.
Principal John Bartel shows off one of the lower grade classrooms.

By the time the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Crestview Elementary was held in September of 2015, the old building was nearly to the ground and its students were off to Arrowhead for nearly two years.

This week those Crestview students finally got to come back home to a new school in Merriam just off Shawnee Mission Parkway on Craig – the site of the old building.

Principal John Bartel said the design is a departure from the other two new elementary schools that opened in January. From just outside the office there is a view down both classroom hallways and two support hallways. The school now has 350 students and will add pre-K students next year.

Students were able to start back to class in the new building on Tuesday after a slightly extended spring break.

Crestview students see school


The building has a number of specialty areas, including a maker space and music rooms.

Crestview music room

Lots of natural light pours into the new library.

Crestview library

The gym with hardwood floors has access for outside groups to use it without coming through the school hallways.

Crestview gym

Collaborative spaces and spots along the halls outside of the classrooms provide nooks for team work and individual support instruction.

Crestview nook

On its first day open, the walls – and teachers -were ready to welcome students.

Crestview teacher welcome

The exterior of the building provides a safe spot for buses to unload and has better traffic flow, according to staff.

Crestview outside