Starting in April, we’ll be charging a subscription fee for full access to the Shawnee Mission Post



smplogo@2xA significant change to the way we operate the Shawnee Mission Post is coming in April. As you may know, the past two years we’ve held a fall donation campaign, asking readers for voluntary contributions. The readers who stepped up to donate were vital to our ability to keep the site running (and we really can’t thank them enough). But we’ve reached the conclusion that such a “crowdfunding” approach doesn’t make sense on an annual basis.

We’ve seen reader interest in our community coverage shoot up sharply the past two years, with total site traffic increasing more than 50 percent. In February, for instance, we had the best traffic month in site history, reaching more than 95,000 unique visitors. Those growing traffic figures are evidence that more and more northeast Johnson County residents are relying on the Shawnee Mission Post to bring them information about their cities, schools and local businesses they can’t find anywhere else.

As a result, we’re going to be asking everyone who relies on the website to stay up-to-date on NEJC to keep the operation viable.

We will offer two subscription levels:

  • Full site access: Provides a subscriber with full access to all current articles and all archived stories. Cost: $5.95 per month (which figures out to $1.39 per week).
  • Full site access plus daily email newsletter subscription. Provides full access to all current and archived stories, and includes a subscription to our daily email newsletter, which has summaries of all stories published the past 24 hours. Cost: $7.95 per month (which figure out to $1.86 per week).

Please note: After the paywall goes up, all readers will always have free access to the homepage, where they can see the most recent story in its entirety whether they are a subscriber or not. Non-subscribers will have access to a few individual story pages for free each month before being prompted to subscribe.

Thanks to all of you who have made checking the site part of your daily routine.  We hope you’ll consider subscribing next month to help us keep bringing you daily coverage of NEJC.

We’ll also be putting together a post next week with more information about the paywall and how subscriptions will work. If you have any specific questions you want answered, send them our way here and we’ll include them in that FAQ post.