For Prairie Village practitioner, personal experience led to interest in alternative medicine techniques

Gabe and Tiffany Roberts with their daughter Arya at Back to Nature's Prairie Village Clinic.
Gabe and Tiffany Roberts with their daughter Arya at Back to Nature’s new office in Prairie Village.

After eight years traveling around the globe as a Marine, Gabe Roberts needed some rehabilitation. Suffering from PTSD and related conditions, he says he wasn’t able to find real relief until he began working with healers familiar with Eastern medicine practices.

The experience got him interested in the healing arts, and he began studying for his doctor of chiropractic and other licensure. Four years ago, he started his own practice that blends chiropractic foundations with Eastern healing traditions.

“The kind of medicine I practice today is what healed me,” he said.

Roberts just moved his practice, Back to Nature Lifestyle Medicine, from its original home in Lenexa to Prairie Village earlier this year. His wife Tiffany, who is a nutrition specialist, works for the practice as well. The two specialize in digestive issues and auto-immune problems and chronic pain.

“Most of the people who come see us have already been to see other chiropractors, they’ve already been to see other functional medicine docs,” Roberts said.

Among the services Roberts offers is Bioelectrical Synchronization Technique, which he describes as a “higher brain adjustment” intended to get the body’s own healing mechanisms in action.

“My whole philosophy is, the body doesn’t make mistakes,” he said. “The body has a remarkable way to correct itself.”

The clinic is located at 4121 W. 83rd St just south of Corinth Square. You can find their website here.