Closing at the end of the month, Overland Park’s Roxy Bar planning series of farewell shows

16996453_10154463993160888_565053520478232868_nA northern Overland Park bar and entertainment venue with roots dating back to the early 1970s will close at the end of the month.

The Roxy Bar’s tenure at 7230 W. 75th Street will come to an end after a “Last Night at the Roxy” event featuring The Stolen Winnebagos March 31. Owner Jim Kilroy said he’s worked to bring in some of the venue’s favorite acts for its final weeks, including a performance by Charlie and the Stingrays Saturday, March 25.

“[Charlie and the Stingrays] haven’t really played together in a couple of years, but when I told them about the closing, they were in for a last show,” Kilroy said. “That’s part of the last real big blowout. They’re one of the best draws.”

(The Roxy’s full final month event lineup can be found here).

News that the property was being turned over to a developer who wanted to put a microhospital on the site came as a shock to Kilroy when he heard it last year. Kilroy, who has spent decades as a booker in the Kansas City area, bought the club in March 2014 and said he planned on operating it for years.

“I kind of bought it with the idea that I’d would be owning it for 10 or 15 years before I sold it to someone else,” he said. “You know, it could be kind of a struggle running the place, but I felt like it was a solid investment. That was one of the reasons I did it.”

The bar saw its share of troubles during Kilroy’s time owning it. In September 2015, an aspiring rapper was shot and killed outside the venue.

“We recovered from that,” Kilroy said. “But there’s no coming back from ‘they’re tearing the building down.'”

Kilroy said he’s been searching for a place where he could relocate the club, but hasn’t found anything yet.

“To be honest, I wasn’t always a big fan of the place when I booked events before I bought it — that’s kind of why I did it, for the challenge, to try to accomplish something and breathe new life into it,” Kilroy said. “I think we’d done a pretty good job starting to bring it back.”