Roeland Park engages real estate group to seek developer for new mixed-use project at Johnson Drive and Roe

Currently vacant save for public art, the lot at the intersection of Johnson Drive and Roe could be the site of a mixed-use development.
Currently vacant save for public art, the lot at the intersection of Johnson Drive and Roe could be the future site of a mixed-use development.

By Holly Cook

The Roeland Park City Council gave CBC Real Estate Group the greenlight Monday to initiate efforts to target potential developers for the northeast corner of the intersection of Johnson Dr. and Roe Blvd. CBC is hoping to attract parties interested in developing a two-story, mixed-use building with retail/restaurant and office spaces.

CBC development manager Jason Glasrud said the approach was anchored on a 2016 citizen survey in which 61 percent of respondents indicated they favored a multi-story new development featuring a mixture of uses. Residents showed interest in locally-owned retail merchants and a restaurant and but reported a strong aversion to chain retailers.

CBC hopes to provide the ad-hoc development committee with a shortlist of interested developers/tenants within the next 60 days. Mayor Joel Marquardt asked if CBC already had a list of three to five developers in mind for the project. Glasrud responded that was the case.

“Let’s shoot for the highest bar first and see what we achieve,” Glasrud said.

If the targeted approach does not generate interest by April 2017, CBC will open the process up for an request for proposal on May 1. CBC hopes to have a developer selected by June of 2017.

Glasrud was not concerned the site would fail to generate interest.

“This is a desirable corridor to be in, regardless of what happens with Mission Gateway,” he said.

CBC is also working with the city to manage development of the old pool site.

Councilmember Sheri McNeil voiced concerns with the concept of incorporating office spaces into the site and questioned whether Roeland Park residents were interested in that type of new business.

Councilmember Teresa Kelly suggested potential developers consider implementing a shared parking lot for the site and said she would like the site constructed so it was pedestrian and bike friendly.

Kelly made the motion to approve the marketing timeline and Erin Thompson seconded the motion. The plan was approved unanimously.

This fall, the council approved plans that will bring a micro-hospital to the northwest corner of the intersection, where Commerce Bank also plans to build a new branch.

CBC’s presentation to the council on the northeast corner is embedded below: