Northeast Johnson County morning roundup

Sen. John Skubal on election night in November.
Sen. John Skubal on election night in November.

Northeast Johnson County moderate Republicans scuttle Senate leadership’s budget plan. Senators Barbara Bollier, Dinah Sykes and John Skubal, all of whom have districts that include at least part of northeast Johnson County, were key to an effort by a group of Republican moderates on Thursday to prevent a budget plan pushed by GOP leaders from getting any traction on the floor. The moderate coalition of which the three were part objected to the Senate leaders’ plan, saying it didn’t raise taxes enough to provide a long-term structural fix and that it included cuts on education that were too steep. “In the last month of the campaign what we heard door-to-door was: ‘Fix this mess.’ And I think that’s what we signed on for, is to fix this mess,” Skubal told KCUR’s Sam Zeff. [Johnson County Moderate Republicans Stand Firm Against GOP Leadership — KCUR]

Parents complain district hasn’t been responsive to complaints about bullying of eighth grader. Parents of an Indian Woods Middle School student with special needs says they are frustrated with the district’s response to the situation, according to a report from WDAF. [Parents push for action as their daughter remains target of bullies in Shawnee Mission School District — WDAF]

Branding updates coming to Mission Transit center. The Mission Transit Center on Johnson Drive in Mission will be getting a few cosmetic changes in the coming weeks to bring it in line with the branding for regional Ride KC operations. [Mission Transit Center takes on new look — WDAF]

Mary Lou the labradooble is back home. The Prairie Village family who suspected that their labradoodle Mary Lou was stolen from their back yard earlier this week has been reunited with the pet. Jamie Howell says the dog was found and turned in to Red Oak Animal Hospital in Bucyrus, Kansas. The vet staff had seen her in a Facebook post and contacted the family. Howell says the dog now has a tracking chip.