Mission forms committee to explore creation of dog park in city


In response to considerable community interest, the city of Mission has formed a new committee that will be tasked with exploring the idea of creating a dog park.

Mission Public Information Officer Emily Randel said staff had heard from many residents about a desire for a dog park in the city as it was preparing the Parks and Recreation Master Plan that was completed last year. The new committee will most likely be made up of a group of people including city staff, members of the city council, residents, business owners and members of the city’s Parks and Recreation Commission.

Randel said the city has not identified any potential locations for a dog park, and will be looking at whether such a park could be feasible in the city. The committee will be asked to study potential safety issues, how a dog park might affect surrounding neighborhoods, and what maintenance would be required. Committee members will likely tour other dog parks in the metro to get a sense of how they function.

The new committee is expected to meet monthly for approximately six months before making a recommendation.