Your Home: Thinking of buying a home? Attend this weekend’s buyer’s clinic and find out what the market looks like


Some days it feels like the “Hot Sellers’ Market” is all anyone can talk about when they approach our team and want to “talk shop”. People love to hear the stories about selling a house in hours or days, receiving more than one offer (sometimes more than 10!), and getting to name your own terms with whatever your whims are as far as a closing date, moving date, etc.

There is a flip side to this coin, the BUYERS! How do buyers compete, and I mean truly compete, in a market like this? What if a buyer wants to purchase a home and doesn’t want to endure the horror stories they have heard from everyone around them? What if a buyer cannot pay cash for a house, because really not many of us can, and they think they will never end up the “winner”? It is an intense market, in some areas more than other, though that doesn’t mean you can’t navigate through it! The most important step in starting a home search is the prep-work. Really, really good prep-work. This type of in-depth meeting and conversation makes each step so much easier and more predictable in a market where nothing is truly predictable.

Are you ready to take this step? Or maybe you’re are not sure if you? Either way the Taylor-Made Team – Buyer Specialists are here to inform you this Saturday with our 2nd Home Buying Workshop of the year. This Home Buying Workshop will answer so many of the above aforementioned questions and more. It’s an hour and a half of very worth-while time spent learning what to expect of the current market, what steps buyers need to take and in which order, where you as a buyer will have out of pocket expenses, and what a great Real Estate Agent can do to help create a successful and fluid home buying experience.

Please join us, even if only for informational purposes! Plus we’ll have strong coffee and yummy treats!

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