Senior Spotlight: Shawnee Mission West’s Mike Hood likens basketball to riding a bike

SM West senior Mike Hood
SM West senior Mike Hood

Basketball for Mike Hood is like riding a bike; it just comes natural.

When the Shawnee Mission West senior isn’t working on his game he’s probably out riding his bike. He remembers the first time the training wheels came off when he was in third grade. The first time he fell without training wheels he was by a fence and caught himself.


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Mike Hood
School: SM West
Sport: Basketball
College: Undecided
Accomplishments: Sunflower League First Team, Class 6A All-State, made all-tournament team at every tournament in 2015-16[/pullquote]

“It was a while before the training wheels came off,” Hood said. “I was riding around the park and my mom was just sitting there. They were already off, we just wanted to go try it without training wheels on. I went around the first time and I fell a couple of times and I got it the same day.”

His failures of riding a bike translate to his basketball game. He said you have to work at it.

“Every time you ride it, it gets better,” Hood said.

Hood has become pretty good at basketball, too. He’s one of the top players in the district and has interest from Davidson, Austin Peay, San Francisco and Missouri State. But the chances of him ending up at any of those are slim as he’s likely going to a prep school.

Hood skipped a grade when he was younger and plans to use the prep school year to reclassify for the class of 2018. However, if a major program comes along he said he would definitely consider it. But he doesn’t know where he’ll attend prep school yet.

“I’m going back to my right grade to become more mature before college,” Hood said. “It’s to get mature in the classroom and on the court.”

When Hood does make his college decision, he plans on majoring in sports management. He’s been taking a lot of business and accounting classes and wants to be a sports agent when he grows up, which means law school will be in his future as well.

He wants to stay around basketball his entire life, but if the agent route doesn’t work he thinks he could be a basketball trainer.

Hood started his high school career at Grandview before transferring to SM West his junior year. He’s enjoyed his time so far as a Viking, but still keeps in touch with his friends at his old school.

“(SM West is) a good school. There’s a lot of diversity in this school and they support sports a lot,” Hood said.