Shawnee Mission North’s Danny Presler, Will Schneider commit to William Jewell

SM North seniors Danny Presler, left, and Will Schneider will continue to be teammates as they'll play for William Jewell starting in the fall. (via @DannyPresler/Twitter)
SM North seniors Danny Presler, left, and Will Schneider will continue to be teammates as they’ll play for William Jewell starting in the fall. (via @DannyPresler/Twitter)

Danny Presler and Will Schneider didn’t plan on announcing their college commitment on the same day, it just so happened to work out that way.

The two have been inseparable since their first day of middle school at Hocker Grove and it won’t change as the two will continue to be teammates after Shawnee Mission North as the lineman and quarterback committed to play football at William Jewell.

“Since day one the coaches made me feel special,” Presler said. “They told me I was one of their top priorities coming in and I really liked the idea of being wanted that much by a coach.”

Presler enjoyed his visit and fell in love with the campus. He said the proximity to home wasn’t a huge factor as he wouldn’t have minded being a little farther away, but said it made it made the decision a little easier as family and friends will be able to see him play.

Schneider said the decision he made was for him and discussed with his family. While he’s excited to continue playing with Presler, Schneider said that wasn’t a big selling point.

“That’s a guy I’m comfortable playing with; I know what he brings to the table,” Schneider said. “It’s an exciting thing to have Danny coming with me, but I know I made this decision because I wanted to be there. To have Danny come with me is just icing on the cake.”

Presler was between Jewell and Avila and decided to commit Wednesday morning. Schneider, in the afternoon, talked with SM North coach Ben Bartlett then called his parents before talking to Jewell.

Schneider is relieved it’s all over. He’s elated to know where he’s going to be for the next four years and that it’s a place where he can grow up and become the man he wants to become. He’ll go into his freshman year undecided, but is thinking about becoming a college football coach or athletic trainer.

Presler also plans to coach, but at the high school level. He’s planning on majoring in elementary or secondary education.

The plan right now is for Presler and Schneider to be roommates, but another Indians teammate might throw a wrinkle into that.

“I would assume we’ll be roommates,” Presler said. “If Marcos (Garcia) comes, too — Marcos hasn’t mad a decision yet — but for sure me and Will will be roommates.”

Schneider isn’t going to pressure Garcia to come to Jewell. He wants him to make a decision for himself.

“We grew up together and it would be awesome to keep going to the same school,” Schneider said. “I would be blessed to keep Danny and Marcos around and they’ve been my best friends since day one in middle school. For us to stick together through college would be amazing.

“Marcos needs to make his own decision. I’m not going to push him too hard. I know he’s got a lot of things going for him not only in football, but he’s also a great track athlete. You don’t want to take anything away from him. He is my best friend and I want to see him be as successful as possible.”