Lancer Dancers’ tweet grabs attention of the Lumineers ahead of Kansas City show

Shawnee Mission East dance preforms to the Lumineers' "Stubborn Love" on Saturday at a competition at Lee's Summit North. (Screenshot from video tweeted by @SMEDrillTeam)
Shawnee Mission East dance preforms to the Lumineers’ “Stubborn Love” on Saturday at a competition at Lee’s Summit North. (Screenshot from video tweeted by @SMEDrillTeam)

Before sending out a Tweet that garnered more than 200 likes, Shawnee Mission East senior Aurora Nelson did her homework.

Nelson, who runs @SMEDrillTeam, sent a tweet to the Lumineers — a Denver band with more than 465,000 followers — with a video of the Lancers dance team preforming to the song “Stubborn Love.”

“I didn’t go into it completely blind,” Nelson said. “I looked at their page and scrolled down to see if they replied to anyone or if it was purely promotion. At our competition some of the girls on our team are going to the concert and they were talking about how excited they are about it. “I told my team go retweet it so it might get their attention and they actually, responded really quickly, which was cool.” Exactly 23 minutes later, the Lumineers responded asking if the girls would be attending the concert at the Sprint Center tonight.

Nelson asked if the band needed dancers or if there was any way for some of the girls going to meet the band. She, unfortunately, never received a response through Twitter.

“I wasn’t expecting a lot,” Nelson said in terms of having a conversation through Twitter. “We were just star struck they watched our dance to their song.”

Nelson plans to attend Loyola University in Chicago studying public relations and advertising. She enjoys running the social media accounts because it gives her a feel for a potential career path.

“You can’t direct message big accounts like that,” Nelson said. “I was telling my mom about what I did because I got really excited. She went on their website and found some contact information and I shot their media manager an email saying, ‘Thanks for responding to my team. You don’t know how much that meant to us. It made us all really happy and I hope you have a great rest of the tour. If you have any time while you’re in Kansas City, we’d love to perform for you or just meet you.’ I just waited because I’m sure they’re busy.”