NEJC legislators will start push to repeal campus carry legislation today


An effort pushed in large part by a contingent of northeast Johnson County elected officials to repeal the 2013 bill that would allow people to bring concealed firearms into public facilities like college campus buildings or state hospitals starting this July officially begins today.

Rep. Stephanie Clayton, the Republican representing District 19, will introduce a version of the repeal bill in the House Federal and State Affairs Committee this morning. Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau, a Democrat from Wichita is expected to introduce a version of the same legislation in the Senate’s Federal and State Affairs Committee on Wednesday. Sen. Barbara Bollier, the Republican representing much of northeast Johnson County, who has made the reduction of gun deaths a legislative focus, helped write the bill. The retired physician said gun-violence is a public health issue, and she sees no reason for the prohibition on guns on college campuses that has stood for years to go away.

“Many of my constituents, as well as a growing number of people across the state, are deeply concerned about the possible change to legalize guns on campuses and are asking for legislation to eliminate that possibility,” she said.

Clayton, who echoed Bollier’s sentiments that she had heard ample concern from constituents about the possibility of guns being allowed on college campuses, said she believes the legislation has a good chance of making it through both chambers of the legislature. She said she also believes there’s a good chance Gov. Brownback would allow the repeal bill to go into effect.

“He may not sign it, but he might let it become law without his signature,” Clayton said. “As long as he doesn’t veto it, I’ve no complaints.”