Prairie Village forced to take ‘extraordinary measures’ to collect remaining Deffenbaugh carts

The headaches continue for Prairie Village staffers as the city works to ensure all of the carts used by Deffenbaugh are removed now that the city had transitioned to Republic Services as its waste hauler.

Deffenbaugh made a final sweep of the city on Tuesday, but dozens of carts weren’t picked up. Prairie Village city staff are now asking homeowners to call city hall to alert them if they still have a Deffenbaugh cart on hand. Public Information Officer Meghan Buum sent this message:

Due to the magnitude of carts left by Deffenbaugh, we are asking residents to contact City Hall (913-381-6464) so that we can implement a collection strategy. At this point, we are taking extraordinary measures and Public Works will be working during the day and after hours to recover all remaining carts. We would like to remind residents to make sure their Deffenbaugh carts are empty and at the curb for our crews.