Bishop Miege girls let one slip away as losing streak climbs to two

Fallon Russell hits a three pointer, which gave Bishop Miege a four-point lead in the fourth quarter. Russell finished with five points.
Fallon Russell hits a three pointer, which gave Bishop Miege a four-point lead in the fourth quarter. Russell finished with five points.


St. Thomas Aquinas 39, Bishop Miege 38 (2OT)

Leading Scorers
Bentley- 13
Verhulst- 7
Gonzalez- 6

Weledji- 13
Thomas- 9
Townsell- 6
Pearson- 6

After winning 63 games in a row the Bishop Miege girls are now riding a two-game losing streak after falling in double overtime to St. Thomas Aquinas, 39-38, on Tuesday night.

It was the first home loss for Bishop Miege since St. Thomas Aquinas won on Feb. 11, 2014. That was also the last loss before the Stags went on their winning streak.

The Stags led 11 at halftime — the largest lead of the game — by forcing 15 turnovers, but the Saints were able to make a game of it in the third quarter when they scored on the first four possessions of the half. They also held the Stags scoreless for 7:56, which spanned the third and fourth quarters as they pushed the deficit to a 27-26 lead.

But Miege was able to find its composure and regain the lead. A Fallon Russell triple with 2:40 left in the game pushed the lead to 33-29. Aquinas’ Allison Thomas would make a pair of free throws four seconds later to cut the Stags’ lead in half.

Miege was able to take a minute off the clock before coach Terry English called a timeout. He wasn’t happy with the offense as Johnni Gonzalez kept penetrating in the lane and then pulling it back out. He said she was doing too much, but he also wanted Hunter Bentley to touch the ball.

“I wanted those two touching the ball,” English said. “They’re our best free throw shooters. We had the lead and the ball; we were in the one-and-one and it wasn’t a whole lot of time left. So, if we made our free throws, they’re in a lot of trouble unless they make some miracle shots.”

Aquinas would eventual foul Ashton Verhulst, who missed the front-end. On the next trip down the court, Thomas went back to the line and she hit a pair to tie it up.

In overtime, Verhulst would foul out, which was a huge blow as it took away any size Bishop Miege had.

“There were so many fouls, it just shows you how young she is,” English said. “One time she pushed a kid right in front of the referee. It seemed like two or three of her fouls were silly fouls. She needs to stay in the game. We need some height on the floor to help us or big teams will give us problems and that’s what happened tonight.”

Bentley, who scored 13 points for Miege, was pretty silent after she scored on the first three possessions of the game to give the Stags an early 7-0 lead.

“They didn’t let her get down the middle,” English said. “I think Hunter tried to do too much in the third quarter. We were up; we had a chance to put them away. Instead of letting the game come to her, she tried to take the game to them. They were too big for her.”