Counting down the most read Shawnee Mission Post stories of 2016: The Eastonian, SMSD’s new innovative practices school, skimpy swimwear


Yesterday we ran through the tail end of our most-read stories of 2016 list. Today we pick up right where we left off…at number 6:

6.) Latest edition of ‘Eastonian,’ longtime underground publication at SM East, brings sharp rebuke from school over its attacks on students

The Eastonian, Shawnee Mission East’s underground student newspaper, crossed a major line this fall when it veered from the mostly good-natured satire that had defined it in its earlier year toward direct attacks on students. Administrators vowed to bring the publication to an end in light of the offensive issue published on Lancer Day.

5.) Shawnee Mission looks to shake up elementary practices with Innovative School model

The Shawnee Mission School District’s move to remodel its elementary school teaching practices with an Innovative School model being piloted at Apache Elementary drew wide attention.

4.) Not enough bathing suit gets man removed from Prairie Village Municipal Swimming Pool by police officers

Well…sometimes it’s hard to resist clicking on a headline.

Join us tomorrow as we review the three most-read stories from our 2016 archives.