Deffenbaugh planning to remove carts from Prairie Village homes day after normal trash pickup


Starting Jan. 1, Republic will take over as the trash hauler for the vast majority of homes in Prairie Village. And this week, Deffenbaugh, the city’s current hauler, will be working to remove the nearly 17,000 trash and recycling carts it has in service.

Deffenbaugh plans to send crews by to remove the carts the day after residents’ normal trash day. So if you get your trash picked up on Wednesdays, Deffenbaugh should be by on Thursday to remove the carts. Residents should simply leave their Deffenbaugh carts by the curb after their trash is picked up.

Here’s the message Deffenbaugh sent to city residents:

Dear Valued Customer,

It has been our pleasure to be the solid waste service provider for the City of Prairie Village these many years. Please note the week after Christmas (Monday 12/26 through Friday 12/30), we will be running our regular collection schedule, Monday through Friday, WITH NO DELAYS.

As our current partnership comes to an end, we need to collect all trash and recycle carts from each residence. Beginning the week of December 26, Deffenbaugh will pick up all trash and recycling carts the day after your regularly scheduled collection day. For example: if your regular collection day is Monday, place your cart at the curb for collection and then simply leave it there – it will be removed by Deffenbaugh during the week of December 26. All trash and recycle carts will be removed by Saturday, December 31.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at (800) 964-8988. Deffenbaugh Industries wishes to thank you for the opportunity to provide solid waste and recycling services to your home.