HealthSource KC strives to offer multi-disciplinary approach to pain management at new clinic in Mission

Ryan Nadolski of HealthSource KC with clinic coordinator Ana Martinez.
Ryan Nadolski, DC, of HealthSourceKC with clinic coordinator Ana Martinez.

HealthSource KC, a new pain management and rehabilitation clinic in Mission, is the fulfillment of the vision of owner Ryan Nadolski, DC, to create a place where people can find a comfortable, personalized approach to healthcare.

“We strive to be a comprehensive pain management center that focuses on integrated and individualized treatments for each patient,” he said. “Our focus is structure and function, meaning the spine, but also the surrounding soft tissue.”

Nadolski opened his clinic at 5424 Johnson Dr. after working at several clinics around the metropolitan Kansas City area. He is a 2012 graduate of Cleveland University where he received his doctorate of chiropractic.

His interest in pain management and rehab began when as a high school tennis player, Nadolski experienced serious shoulder and elbow problems that almost sidelined his ability to play. A caring physician who helped him heal inspired his career choice.

“I really wanted to create a relaxed place that had just the right amount of clincal feel, but also a feel that you were in a place of comfort and relaxation,” he said.

After working at a clinic in Platte City, he decided he wanted to open his own clinic in Mission, close to where he and his wife and two young children live. He ended up buying the building and remodeling it to fit his approach to treatment.

Services offered at HealthSource KC including chiropractic, rehab, nutrition, wellness and massage therapy. In addition to Nadolski, professionals on staff include a massage therapist and physical therapist.

“We understand to maximize outcomes the whole patient must be treated,” Nadolski said. “That is what it takes to have success treating disc pathologies conservatively and non-surgically.”

His clinic coordinator, Ana Martinez, also speaks Spanish. The clinic qualifies for every insurance network. Nadolski said it also qualifies to provide post-surgical rehabilitation services.

“We have a huge network of referrals to get people to where they need to go,” he said. “If we can’t help you here, we’ll get you to the right place.”

Clinic hours are from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3- 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Fridays. Weekend appointments also are available. The clinic telephone number is 913-291-0061.

Healthsource KC is located at 5424 Johnson Dr.
Healthsource KC is located at 5424 Johnson Dr.