Shawnee Mission East soccer’s Phillips, Bihuniak named player of the year at their positions in the Sunflower League

The fleet-footed Oliver Bihuniak finished the night with an assist and a goal of his own.
SM East senior Oliver Bihuniak was named Sunflower League midfielder of the year.

The hardware continues to roll in for the Shawnee Mission East soccer team as three players were named to the Sunflower League first team as forward Clayton Phillips and midfielder Oliver Bihuniak were named players of the year at their respective position.

Defender Taylor Stover and coach Jamie Kelly also were named to the first team.

Forward Grayson Rapp and midfielder Stanley Morantz earned second team honors while forward Tommy Nelson and defender Max Maday are honorable mentions. From Shawnee Mission North, forward Braulio Zarate and defender Jeremy Sanchez joined Maday and Nelson as honorable mentions.

The complete team is below:

First Team  Clayton Phillips (SME)  Oliver Bihuniak (SME)  Griffin Stone (OE)  Charlie Holmgren (OE)  Terry Hair (OE)  Andrew Smith
 Adrian Blanco (OE)  Conner Jokerst (ONW)  Taylor Stover (SME)  Von Schnorff (SMNW)  Jamie Kelly (SME)
 Ryan Rigler (SMS)  Shane Kopplin (OE)  Chris Cotton (ONW)
 Chase Kluseman (ONW)  Cameron Maxey (SMS)  Brian Desanto (OS)  Forward of the Year  Clayton Phillips (SME)
 Cain Scott (LHS)  Jacob Chapman (OE)  Evan Kaloupek (ONW)  Midfielder of the Year  Oliver Bihuniak (SME)
 Seth Bowman (SMNW)  Ebrahim Diagme (LHS)  Sam Schneck (SMS)  Defender of the Year  Griffin Stone (OE)
 Goalkeeper of the Year  Charlie Holmgren (OE)
 Second Team  Griffin King (ONW)  Girma Kassa (ON)  Charley Carr (LHS)
 Grayson Rapp (SME)  Stanley Morantz (SME)  Charlie Newsome (LHS)
 Julien Denis (OE)  Jack Cashman (ONW)  Carson Fitzgerald (OE)
 Jack Lammers (SMNW)  Rowan Laufer (FSHS)  Nolan Jones (ON)
 Honorable Mention  Branden Patterson (FSHS)  Quentin Harrington (LHS)  DJ Davis (LHS)  Jesus Navaro (OE)
 Heitor Nazereth (FSHS)  Angel Guzman (SMS)  Josh Buss (SMS)
 Cameron Waldo (OS) Matt White (OS)  Jeremy Sanchez (SMN)
 Braulio Zarate (SMN)  Ryan Weishaar (OE)  Alex Gomez (SMW)
 Trent Vaughn-Parks (ON)  Kobe Kensinger (LV)  Brian Hernandez (SMW)
 Samson Kenea (ON)  Justis Simon (LV)  Nick Shipp (SMW)
Tommy Nelson (SME)  Josh Sherfy (SMNW)  Max Maday (SME)
 Jack Dodd (LV)  Chris Ogren (ONW)
  Wyatt Fowler (ONW)  Bryce Combs (SMNW)