Shawnee Mission East, Bishop Miege clean up all-state soccer awards

Clayton Phillips was all smiles after netting his first goal of the night. He now has 21 on the season — one behind the school record of 22.
Clayton Phillips, left, was named co-offensive player of the year in class 6A.

When the all-state soccer teams were announced, the Shawnee Mission East and Bishop Miege programs did pretty well for themselves.

Shawnee Mission East forward Clayton Phillips, who scored a school record 23 goals this season, was named co-offensive player of the year along with Dodge City’s Joshua Donjuan.

Phillips was joined on the first team by teammates midfielder Oliver Bihuniak and defender Taylor Stover.

Bishop Miege had three earn awards as Pedro Alvares was named co-offensive player of the year in Class 4-1A, West Gajan was named goalkeeper of the year and Nate Huppe was named coach of the year.

The Stags placed six total on the first team including forward Jose Ramirez-Cordero, midfielder Richard Bowman, and defenders Alex Lopez and Alex Rotert.

Class 6A First Team All-State

Brayden White, Washburn Rural, FOR
Chase Klusman, Olathe Northwest, FOR
Clayton Phillips, Shawnee Mission East, FOR (Co-Offensive Player of the Year)
Joshua Donjuan, Dodge City, FOR (Co-Offensive Player of the Year)
Julien Denis, Olathe East, FOR
Mario Martinez, Dodge City, FOR
Noah Mabry, Blue Valley West, FOR
Connor Jokerst, Olathe Northwest, MID
Eddie Del Toro, Dodge City, MID
Evan Carlile, Blue Valley West, MID
Francisco Cayetano, Dodge City, MID
Oliver Bihuniak, Shawnee Mission East, MID
Ross Boyd, Washburn Rural, MID
Shane Kopplin, Olathe East, MID
Brian Desanto, Olathe South, DEF
Chris Cotton, Olathe Northwest, DEF
Conner Faith, Blue Valley West,DEF
Evan Kaloupek, Olathe Northwest, DEF
Griffin Stone, Olathe East, DEF (Co-Defensive Player of the Year)
Miguel Baca, Dodge City, DEF (Co-Defensive Player of the Year)
Taylor Stover, Shawnee Mission East, DEF
Tony Giddens, Washburn Rural, DEF
Charlie Holmgren, Olathe Northwest, GK (Goalkeeper of the Year)

Coach of the Year
Saul Hernandez, Dodge City

Class 6A Second Team All-State

Adrian Blanco, Olathe East, FOR
Blake Arndt, Wichita Northwest, FOR
Cain Scott, Lawrence, FOR
Jonathon Renteria, Wichita North, FOR
Jose Herrera, Garden City, FOR
Noah Fetter, Blue Valley Northwest, FOR
Ryan Rigler, Shawnee Mission South, FOR
Seth Bowman, Shawnee Mission Northwest, FOR
Antonia, De La Torre, Dodge City, MID
Ben Choi, Manhattan, MID
Cameron Maxey, Shawnee Mission South, MID
Girma Kassa, Olathe North, MID
Jacob Chapmin, Olathe East, MID
Alejandro Orona, Wichita North, DEF
Conall Root, Manhattan, DEF
Dylan Thomas Manhattan, DEF
Martin Flores, Wichita North, DEF
Nolan Jones, Olathe North, DE
Sam Schneck, Shawnee Mission South, DEF
Tyler Fisher, Wichita Northwest, DEF
Way Tun, Wyandotte, DEF
Jenner Hickel, Washburn Rural, GK

Class 6A Honorable Mentions

Ben Sherwood, Blue Valley West, FOR
Daniel Guardado, Wichita East, FOR
Modou Fabuary, Manhattan, FOR
Sam Mayeske, Gardner Edgerton, MID
Alfredo Espino, Wichita North, MID
Alfonso Ceballos, Wichita North, MID
Aleberto Martina, Wichita East, MID
Salvador Bustos, Garden City, MID
Jesus Macias, Garden City, MID
Walter Valenzuela, Wyandotte, MID
Kender Acevedo, Garden City, GK

Class 4-1A First Team All-State

Andric McGill, McPherson, FOR (Co-Offensive Player of the Year)
Ethan Nunnery, Hays, FOR
Jacob Meeker, Andover Central, FOR
Jay Willcut, Basehor-Linwood, FOR
Jose Ramirez-Cordero, Bishop Miege, FOR
Jonny Harms, Basehor-Linwood, MID
Jordan Salb, Basehor-Linwood, MID
Logan Williams, Tonganoxie, MID
Noah Juarez, Louisburg, MID
Park Webb, Rose Hill, MID
Patrick Munsey, Mcpherson, MID
Pedro Alvares, Bishop Miege, MID (Co-Offensive Player of the Year)
Richard Bowman, Bishop Miege, MID
Alex Lopez, Bishop Miege, DEF
Alex Rotert, Bishop Miege, DEF
Chandler Carey, Basehor-Linwood, DEF (Defensive Player of the Year)
Cody June, Basehor-Linwood, DEF
Darrius Armstrong, McPherson, DEF
Devin Cape, McPherson, DEF
Jacob Benne, Louisburg, DEF
Trevor Kincheloe, Bashor-Linwood, GK (Co-Goalkeeper of the Year)
West Gajan, Bishop Miege, GK (Co-Goalkeeper of the Year)

Coach of the Year
Nate Huppe, Bishop Miege

Class 4-1A Second Team All-State

Benedict Horvatic, Atchison, FOR
Cooper Allan Buhler, FOR
Jackson Jones, Piper, FOR
Jackson Lewallen, Andover, Central, FOR
Manny Carrasco, Rose Hill, FOR
Zachary Wagner, Hays, FOR
Daniel O’Neill, Trinity Academy, MID
Ethan Brooks, Trinity Academy, MID
Grant Ryals, Louisburg, MID
Jacob Cromly, Andover Central, MID
Jesus Silva, Piper, MID
Kaden Quint, Buhler, MID
Nate Streeter, Kansas City Christian, MID
Anthony Montez, Piper, DEF
Curran Conklin, Louisburg, DEF
Dylan Kroll, Tonganoxie, DEF
Gabe Pappert, Piper, DEF
Jared Smart, Buhler, DEF
Kris Light, Louisburg, DEF
Sam Runck, Trinity Academy, DEF
Davis Joseph, Andover Central, GK
Emmett Lockridge, Piper, GK
Nick McKenzie, Trinity Academy, GK

Class 4-1A Honorable Mentions

Cooper Mumford, Kansas City Christian, FOR
Sammy Gonzales, Blue Springs, FOR
Toby Penner, Berean Academy, MID
Blake Peterson, Buhler, DEF
Jackon Vander, Kansas City Christian, DEF
Jesse Unruh, Berean Academy, DEF
Ambrose Stefan, Louisburg, GK
Conner Staab, Hays, GK
Hector Flores, Atchison, GK
Tanner Rose, McPherson, GK