Jack Schoemann’s last-second layup gives Shawnee Mission East win, third place at Championship Showdown

Junior Jack Shoemann scored 11 points including the final layup in overtime to give the Lancers a 56-54 win over Bishop Seabury.
Junior Jack Shoemann scored 11 points including the final layup in overtime to give the Lancers a 56-54 win over Bishop Seabury.


SM East 56, Bishop Seabury 54 (OT)

Leading Scorers
Liam George- 14
Jack Schoemann- 11
Trevor Thompson- 11
Connor Rieg- 9

Late in the fourth quarter and overtime of the Championship Showdown’s third-place game, Shawnee Mission East found themselves needing stops to extend the game.

Bishop Seabury had opted to hold the ball and take the clock down to the final seconds to try and win the game, but the Lancers were able to not only make stops, they did it with enough time to and win the game.

Senior Connor Rieg lipped out a three-pointer at the end of regulation, but junior Jack Schoemann made his opportunity count in overtime.

“It’s big for Jack to hit a big shot like that,” coach Shawn Hair said. “It’s great for his confidence. What I was impressed with was they had the ball end of regulation, we got a stop. They had the ball in overtime playing for the last shot, we got a stop.”

Junior Kelyn Bolton blocked Seabury’s Mikey Wycoff, who scored a game-high 27 points. Senior Trevor Thompson grabbed the loose ball, who pushed it up the floor before finding Schoemann streaking down the right side of the court. Schoemann, without a defender in front of him, laid in the game-winning basket with 1.5 seconds left.

“I knew Trev would find me up the court and really hoped I didn’t miss, honestly,” Schoemann said.

Hair said it was a hard-fought game. He said his team competed their tails off and it’s a lot of fun to just coach instead of having to also coach effort.

He thought, despite Wycoff and Zach McDermott combining for 40 points for Seabury, his team defended those two extremely well. Wycoff hit tough shot after tough shot and always had a man in his face.

After falling to Barstow, 59-41, on Friday night, Hair said the biggest thing for Saturday was finding the motivation to play in the third-place game. The Lancers took the loss hard, but weren’t sluggish at all as they scored on the opening possession and eight of their 13 in the first quarter.

The Seahawks for much of the game played a 1-1-3 zone, which SM East was patient with. They found the high post and the short corner as they worked the ball around to find the holes in the defense.

“We’ve got a lot of things to work on offensively, there’s no doubt about that,” Hair said. “The biggest thing on offense against a zone is you get impatient and you try to score really quickly. If you can’t score really quickly you maybe make a bad pass and create a turnover and then you’re right back on defense. That was the key on Friday night. We didn’t possess the ball very long on offense. We were probably on defense 75 percent of the game and your kids get tired playing defense. We did a much better job possessing the ball. We just have hit easy shots, we missed a bunch of easy shots.”