Mission Hills mayor says cell and wi-fi equipment bill could threaten city’s ability to preserve aesthetics


For the second time in a row, Mission Hills Mayor Rick Boeshaar has used his column in the city’s seasonal newsletter to highlight a newly passed state law that he believes could have a negative impact on life in the city. This fall, Boeshaar drew attention to the effects of a new bill that would allow city employees to carry concealed weapons while on the job. Last week, his message on the front page of “The Columns” publication raised concerns about how a bill that curtails cities’ ability to restrict communications companies’ placement of cellular and wi-fi network equipment in city rights-of-way.

Boeshaar argues that the language in the bill could make it difficult for Mission Hills, which puts great value on its neighborhood’s aesthetics, to steer communications companies away from putting their boxes in green space.

“The concern your City Council and I have with this new law is that, as technology continues its rapid rate of change, and as the demand for communications and data services continue to grow, laws such as this restrict local governments from bringing a service provider to the bargaining table to ensure that the wants and needs of a community are factored into design, construction and delivery of their service,” he wrote.

Boeshaar isn’t the only local official to object to the law. Overland Park’s council expressed concerns about the new law earlier this year as well.

Boeshaar’s column is embedded below: