Health Studio KC opens in Woodside Village, offers new approach to personal healthcare

Dr. Damon Heybrock of Health Studio KC.
Damon Heybrock of Health Studio KC.

Damon Heybrock, MD, wants to turn the clock back to a time when people were close to their physician, didn’t endure long waits and weren’t told what to do by their insurance company.

It’s called direct primary care, and it means exactly that.

“There’s no insurance involved,” he said. “It’s a primary care, membership-based. For $60 per month, I’m your physician. That covers all office visits and you always get me, no phone tree. You call me today and I’ll see you today.”

He was sitting in the new waiting room–although nobody really waits there–of his Health Studio KC at 2200 W. 47th Pl., Suite 101, at Woodside Village in Westwood. It’s comfortable, contemporary and decorated with art done by friends of Heybrock from the Crossroads Arts District.

Heybrock is one of a handful of physicians who’ve opened direct primary care studios in the metro. His previous experience was as in-house physician for Cerner for 10 years. His specialty is family medicine.

“I believe just like your local coffee shop, school, grocery sore and church, you should live or work within minutes of your physician,” he said. “Instead of losing a half day to address your health care needs, you should be able to get in and out and back to living life.”

Heybrock said he’s capable of handling 90 percent of a person’s medical needs including urgent care, chronic disease management and fitness and nutrition counseling. There’s also a lab for medical tests and a small pharmacy, both charging significantly less than their corporate competition.

He calls his facility a studio and not a clinic because in a studio, people actively participate in meeting their health goals.

“My goal is for you to be responsible for your health,” Heybrock said. “We can talk about how you’re sleeping, stress, diet, exercise…I want to know you health goals.”

Membership are $60 per month for adults over 18 or $600 per year; $110 per month or $1,100 per year for adult couples. Members can add their children for another $30 per month or $300 per year, and a family of four pays $160 per month or $1,600 annually, with $10 more per month for each additional child.

“This membership fee frees the doctor from a model that promotes productivity over quality, and allows time to focus on you and what you really need, when you need it,” according to the Health Studio KC brochure.