Dramatic dashcam video of I-35 accident that narrowly missed Merriam police officer goes national


A dramatic dashcam video that captured a careening car just missing a Merriam police officer investigating an accident on Interstate 35 last summer is making national waves.

Merriam Police Corp. Seth Mullis was wrapping up an accident investigation on northbound I-35 near 75th Street in mid-July when his cruiser dashcam captured the screeching near miss. Mullis had to quickly leap for safety when a car spun into the one involved in the earlier accident.

The car that narrowly missed Mullis had been knocked out of control by another driver on I-35 who was distracted by the accident investigation, said Maj. Darren McLaughlin of the Merriam police.

“While getting information from the driver from the first accident, another motorist paying too much attention to the flashing lights and the accident hit another car which spun out of control,” McLaughlin said.

In the video, Mullis shows remarkable composure, recovering quickly from his own close call and running over to the car that almost hit him to ask if that driver is OK.

Merriam police waited until this week to post the video. Since then it’s been picked up by local television news stations, the BBC America, ABC World News, the Public Safety News Service and the Fox News webpage.

McLaughlin hopes the video reminds drivers about the dangers of rubber-necking and becoming distracted.

“We want people to move over and to pay attention while their driving to what they’re supposed to,” he said. “Don’t watch us on the side of the road.”

The video is below: