Senior Spotlight: Shawnee Mission North’s Danny Presler

There are three players that have been at the center of Shawnee Mission North’s triumphant resurgence and Danny Presler is one of them.

It wasn’t until Week 7 of his sophomore season that the Indians won a game — something he said was difficult to handle, as he was accustomed to winning in middle school.

But SM North has improved every year Presler has played going from zero wins to two wins to three wins and now five wins.


Bio Blast

Danny Presler
School: Shawnee Mission North
Sport: Football
Position: Defensive End, Tackle
College: Undecided
Accomplishments: All-Sunflower League Honorable Mention, Eagle Scout [/pullquote]

“I don’t think high school would be nearly as fun without being on the team,” Presler said.

Football, however, doesn’t define offensive lineman. He recently became an Eagle Scout with the help of his teammates.

He didn’t think he was going to finish it, but his brother motivated him to.

For his final project, Presler went to Rushton Elementary and repainted a map of the United States on the repaved blacktop.

“The week before I knew I was going to do it, I didn’t have time to recruit anyone to help me out,” Presler said. “I told coach (Ben) Bartlett and he got 15 kids from the football team to get down there and help me out and we got it done in four hours.”

He also repaired a couple of benches by fixing the wood, filling the cracks and staining the wood.

It isn’t the only “help” Presler has received this year. Presler wrote a sketch comedy bit that he’ll preform with teammate Will Schneider on Nov. 15 and 18.

“We went in there thinking we weren’t going to be liked that much because we were just sports kids and they’re all serious drama kids,” Presler said. “They’ve accepted us and we’ve blended into the group, actually. We’re pretty funny guys, too.”

The sketch is called “The Minnesotans,” and is a spoof off of SNL’s “The Californians.”