District 3 Congressional candidates on the issues: Would you refuse campaign contributions on principle?


Last week we sent five questions that we developed based on input from our readers to candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives in the Third Congressional District.

Incumbent Rep. Kevin Yoder’s campaign declined to participate in the questionnaire, sending us the following statement:

As a policy we do not respond to questionnaires like this.

Here’s item number five:

Under what circumstances would you refuse to accept a campaign contribution? Have you refused any contributions on principle this cycle?

Jay Sidie (Democrat)

Jay Sidie

I think you can’t accept contributions from industries whose primary goal is the opposite of what you believe. For example I’ve made my opposition to practices in the payday loan industry a point of contrast in this campaign and because of that and what they represent I just couldn’t ever accept money from them.

Libertarian candidate Steven Hohe has not acknowledged receipt of the questionnaire and did not send in a response to any of the questions so far.

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