Mission 6th grader’s account of a day with first responders: ‘The police and firefighters you see every day do so much for us and we all need to thank them every day’

Photo courtesy Evelyn Thompson.
Photo courtesy Evelyn Thompson.

Reader Sherry Sullivan let us know about an event she and fellow residents of the Apollo Gardens townhouse complex in Mission had put on for local law enforcement and fire agencies over the weekend.

“We wanted our police and fire departments to know how much we appreciate the work they do for us in the city,” Sullivan wrote. “Our complex has a wide variety of age of people and the senior needs come in many ways, from replacing batteries in smoke alarms to assistance in falls or in the tragic case of the medical assistance on occasion. We hosted a picnic and grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for them and their families.”

At the event, Apollo resident Charlee Shrader, a sixth grader at Rushton Elementary, volunteered to interview some of the attendees to find out more about their jobs. She wrote up an article about the people she met. We thought it was pretty cool.

Here’s Charlee Shrader’s account of spending the afternoon with her neighbors and the first responders:

On Saturday October 22th 2016 Apollo Garden had a first responder’s picnic for the police officers and the firefighters that serve Mission. It was a wonderful event that had so much joy. I myself was having a wonderful time talking with the people that serve Mission. Brian and Sherry Sullivan were the two that grilled the hamburgers and hotdogs for this event and let me tell you the food was amazing!!! I also had a talk with some of the officers and firefighters that came to the event; I asked them a few questions about their work and their position.

Charlee Shrader
Charlee Shrader
One of the police officers Dan Madden was one of the friendliest of them all. I had to ask him some questions. Dan is a Captain of the crew and he also goes and investigates some of the crime scenes. He has been in his position for 17 years and loves every bit of it. One of the questions I asked all of the men and women I interviewed was ‘What is the best part about being a police/firefighter?’ Well I got a clear answer from Dan that’s for sure. He told me the best part was helping keep the people and the community safe. He loves seeing the happy people every day when he drives by every corner.
One of the firefighters named Angus Duff told me that he is one of the drivers for the fire station. He has been a driver for 12 years. Angus also has worked there for 20 years. He also told me that the best part about being a fireman is helping the people from tragic accidents. He wants to see them up and healthy.

Now, I have known this man for a while now. He is now the head of the police department, Ben Hadley is our one and only chief of police! Ben has worked in his current position for 2 ½ years and loves it. He enjoys seeing all his men and women every day and night, he enjoys helping the great people in Mission. One of the best things he likes in his position is seeing new people every day and meeting new people every day.

Now this woman has been in her position for 16 years now and loves every bit of it! Her name is Tomina Meyers, and she is a Mission firefighter. Tomina is the nicest women I have ever met. She was so nice to me when I came up to say hello and interview her. She told me one of the best things about her job was helping people and seeing all the little girls and boys playing in the streets. And like every good firefighter she loves seeing her coworkers every day and greeting them with a warm smile.

All these people that I met yesterday have inspired me so much in so many ways to help this community and the people in it. The police and firefighters you see every day do so much for us and we all need to thank them every day. So when you see one of the many men and women that help Mission residents tell them thank you for all that they do for us each and every day if you can.