Shawnee Mission School District board approves raises for administrators and psychologists


Administrators and school psychologists at the Shawnee Mission School District were granted salary increases in line with the 2.5 percent average raise with the new teachers contract by the school board Monday.

The approximately 20 psychologists and 121 administrators are handled separately from the 2,000-member teachers union, NEA-SM, but the emphasis is on equal treatment, Deputy Superintendent Ken Southwick told the board.

“I think we’ve done it in a consistent manner and that’s been done across the board for all our people,” he said.

The maximum raise given administrators, a class that includes principals and assistant principal, was 2.5 percent. The overall average was slightly less than 2 percent because some administrators salaries were frozen.

Southwick and Jim Hinson, the SMSD superintendent, are not included in the administrator category. Their contracts are handled separately by the board and were approved in May 2015.

The teachers union ratified its new contract Friday.