District 3 Congressional candidates on the issues: What changes would you support in the Affordable Care Act?


Last week we sent five questions that we developed based on input from our readers to candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives in the Third Congressional District.

Incumbent Rep. Kevin Yoder’s campaign declined to participate in the questionnaire, sending us the following statement:

As a policy we do not respond to questionnaires like this.

Here’s item number two:

What specific measures to change the Affordable Care Act would you support and how would those changes improve American health coverage, especially for Americans not covered by employer health insurance?

Jay Sidie (Democrat)

Jay Sidie

As a businessman I think competition is going to be the key to helping drive down price. The problem in a lot of areas is that there are very few insurers offering plans, not just on the exchanges, but even in the private and group markets. I’d support any commonsense change to the law that made it more possible for existing insurers to offer plans in a wider geographic area to make sure that Kansans and people across the country are able to consider as many options as possible.

Libertarian candidate Steven Hohe has not acknowledged receipt of the questionnaire and did not send in a response to any of the questions so far.

Tomorrow we’ll run the candidates’ responses to item three, which deals with the party platform:

Are there any issues from your party’s platform with which you significantly agree or disagree? Is so, what are they?