District 3 Congressional candidates on the issues: Who are you supporting for president?


Last week we sent five questions that we developed based on input from our readers to candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives in the Third Congressional District.

Incumbent Rep. Kevin Yoder’s campaign declined to participate in the questionnaire, sending us the following statement:

As a policy we do not respond to questionnaires like this.

Here’s item number one:

Who are you supporting for president? Why?

Jay Sidie (Democrat)

Jay-SidieI’m going to support Hillary Clinton for President. We don’t agree on everything, but I feel like she’s the most responsible choice. She’s got a stronger commitment to public education which is a big reason I’m in this race, and will be better able to push back on the types of cuts we’ve seen from Sam Brownback and Kevin Yoder.

I simply can’t imagine voting to give someone as temperamentally unfit as Donald Trump access to our nuclear weapons. And the way he’s repeatedly treated and talked about women is something, as someone with two daughters, I couldn’t possibly support.

I’m also offended by some of the things he’s said about veterans like Senator John McCain. We may be from different parties, but I respect Senator McCain and he’s undeniably a war hero. Donald Trump criticizing him for getting captured was awful.

Libertarian candidate Steven Hohe has not acknowledged receipt of the questionnaire and did not send in a response to the first item.

Tomorrow we’ll run the candidates’ responses to item two, which deals with health insurance:

What specific measures to change the Affordable Care Act would you support and how would those changes improve American health coverage, especially for Americans not covered by employer health insurance?