Yoder affirms he will accept results of November election in wake of Trump’s debate comments


Kansas Rep. Kevin Yoder’s campaign this morning confirmed that the three-term congressman would accept the outcome of the November election. The confirmation came in the wake of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s suggestion during the debate Wednesday that he was not necessarily prepared to concede should he lose.

Saying he would “keep you in suspense,” Trump told moderator Chris Wallace that he would “look at it at the time” before deciding whether to accept the results of the election. Trump has spent the past several weeks amping up suggestions that the election is “rigged.”

Yoder gave a lukewarm endorsement of Trump back in May, and has maintained his endorsement ever since. Several Republican officials rescinded their endorsement of Trump after the release of an 11-year-old Access Hollywood tape that depicted Trump making derogatory comments about women and suggesting that he could grope them with impunity on account of his celebrity. Yoder’s office said this morning that nothing had changed with the congressman’s endorsement.

UPDATED 1:40 p.m.: Democratic challenger Jay Sidie’s campaign manager Shawn Borich issued the following statement this afternoon on the matter: “Kevin Yoder should have done what’s right long ago and abandoned a person who threatens 200 years of peaceful democratic norms and repeatedly behaves appallingly toward women and those who have fought to protect our democracy. I’d ask if there’s anything Donald Trump could do to lose Kevin Yoder’s support, but the answer is clearly no–and at this point, it would be too little, too late.”