As fallout from release of Trump tape broadens, Rep. Yoder issues statement saying GOP nominee was ‘right to apologize’

U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder appeared at the KU Medical Center research facility in Fairway last week.
U.S. Rep. Kevin Yoder appeared at the KU Medical Center research facility in Fairway last week.

The release of a tape in which presidential nominee Donald Trump is heard taken about women in exceptionally lewd fashion sent shockwaves throughout the Republican party Friday, with House Speaker Paul Ryan disinviting Trump to a weekend campaign event in Wisconsin.

Asked whether he still supported the Republican nominee in the wake of the controversy, Rep. Kevin Yoder issued the following statement:

“As a father to two daughters I found these remarks disgusting and offensive and he was right to apologize.”

(We’ve put a follow up request into Yoder’s office to see if the Congressman still plans to vote for Trump).

Yoder gave a tepid endorsement of Trump in May following the exit of Ted Cruz and John Kasich from the race.

UPDATED 11:05 a.m.: Democratic challenge Jay Sidie issued the following statement on Trump’s tape:

“As a husband and father of two daughters I can’t understand how anyone would support a man who is this vulgar and has so little respect for women. It’s long past due for Congressman Yoder to show the moral courage and common decency to denounce Trump’s candidacy. What type of message is Kevin Yoder sending to our children by legitimizing this disgusting behavior?”

We still haven’t heard back from Yoder’s office about whether the Congressman plans to vote for Trump.

UPDATED 1:04 p.m.: Yoder’s office responded to our follow up query saying that they would not be making additional comment on the matter outside of the statement previously issued. At this point, Yoder has not said whether he still intends to vote for Trump or not.

UPDATED 2:02 p.m.: A constituent called Yoder’s office and was told that Yoder does still intend to vote for Trump.