Leaves will soon be falling, what happens next depends on where you live

Area trees are beginning to show off their Fall finery.
Area trees are beginning to show off their Fall finery.

Leaf raking season will be arriving soon and depending on where you live that could really suck–which is a good thing.

Residents of Roeland Park, Westwood and Westwood Hills will be able to rake those leaves to the curb and have them vacuumed away as part of their city services.

Those living in Fairway and Merriam can take advantage of city-negotiated deals with Benjamin Lawn & Landscape and have them vacuumed away from their curbside for roughly $37.

But if you live in Prairie Village and Mission, sorry, raking means your job is only half-way done. You have to get rid of those leaves the traditional way by bagging them and hauling them to the curb.

Keith Moody, city administrator for Roeland Park, said the city began providing curbside vacuuming service for leaves several years ago.
“It’s a very popular service and that’s why we got into picking them up at the curb,” he said.

Jose Leon, the Roeland Park public works director, said it best, “raking is a hassle for residents and once you rake, you have to get rid of them.”

Roeland Park acquired its own equipment and does the job for Westwood and Westwood Hills residents through a contract with their governments.

Fairway began brokering the service for residents desiring the service from Benjamin Lawn in 2009. It took its cue from the Fieldston and Fairway Homes Associations, which had arranged for the firm to do their neighborhoods.

Merriam also has negotiated a rate with Benjamin Lawn for residents who want the service, said City Administrator Chris Engel.

Mission Woods also offers curbside leaf removal for residents. The Heinen Company provides three leaf pickups.

Prairie Village City Administrator Quinn Bennion said it would be cost prohibitive to provide curbside leaf vacuuming service in his community of approximately 22,000 residents.

“There’s not been a recent discussion,” he said. “For a city of our size, it would be a monumental new service with a lot of capital and rental costs.”

Bennion added a number of home owner associations in Prairie Village already offer the service to their residents.