Our questions for the Shawnee Mission area statehouse candidates

Candidates for state office in Northeast Johnson County attended a forum Saturday hosted by the SME PTA
Candidates for state office in Northeast Johnson County attended a forum Saturday hosted by the SME PTA

Last month, we asked readers from both the Shawnee Mission and Blue Valley areas to send us their questions for the candidates running for the legislature. We had lots of response. From all of those ideas that were submitted, we’ve selected eight questions that seemed to have the most reader input behind them.

From these, we will develop a five-item questionnaire that we’ll be sending out to Shawnee Mission area candidates for publication before the election. Here are the eight questions:

  • 1 – Would you support rolling back the income tax cuts enacted by the legislature in recent years, including the exemptions on LLC income? Please be specific about the tax policy you favor?
  • 2 – Should a new school finance formula remove the cap on the amount of money that local districts can raise once the state-wide funding is satisfied?
  • 3 – Are you in favor of expanding Medicaid in Kansas and accepting the federal funding? Please explain your philosophy.
  • 4 – Do you believe Kansas schools are adequately funded? Why or why not?
  • 5 – Municipalities have complained that the legislature is meddling in issues that should be within the purview of the city: elections, gun laws, sign ordinances, utilities in rights-of-way, rental inspections to name a few. Do you agree this authority should stay with the cities?  Would you favor repealing any of these recent directives?
  • 6 – Do you believe that the sales tax on food in Kansas should be removed? Should sales tax be removed on any other items?
  • 7 – Do you believe public tax support should be directed toward non public schools in Kansas?
  • 8- Johnson County accounts for a high percentage of tax revenue in the state compared to other counties. What should the Johnson County delegation be getting in return?

We will be sending a set of these questions to the following candidates:

State Senate District 6 – Pat Pettey and Jason Conley
State Senate District 7 – Megan England and Barbara Bollier
State Senate District 10 – Vicki Hiatt and Mary Pilcher Cook
State Representative District 19 – Elizabeth Meitl, Stephanie Clayton and John Taube
State Representative District 21 – Jerry Stogsdill and Dorothy Hughes
State Representative District 24 – Jarrod Ousley and Rob Johnson
State Representative District 25 – Matt McCann and Melissa Rooker

We plan to run responses for candidates for the state Senate the week of Oct. 17 and for the state House the week of Oct. 24. We’ll also be running responses to a separate questionnaire we’ll be distributing to the local state school board candidates and the candidates for the U.S. House District 3.