Development of old Leawood Country Club property remains in limbo


At a time when the housing market in northeast Johnson County is sizzling with tear downs common and builders hungry for vacant sites, one of old Leawood’s prime tracts of undeveloped property remains dormant.

It’s been 14 years since the former Leawood Country Club property near 89th Street and Lee Boulevard was acquired by developers. Their Estates of Old Leawood plan called for a maintenance-free, 23 home development with a clubhouse, pool and tennis courts.

All that’s been built on the 16-acre site are three cul-de-sacs serving grassy fields.

And that’s the way it’s likely to stay for the foreseeable future, said Bill Whitaker, who represents the owner of the land, insurance executive Richard Jones.

“Obviously, here’s a lot of building going on and this is a prime piece of real estate, but at this point, it’s not being actively marketed,” Whitaker said.

“We’ve had some interest over years with developers and builders, but there’s a number of procedures with the city and infrastructure to be built before any development could occur.”

Whitaker said the previous Estates of Old Leawood plan, approved after a bitter rezoning battle in 2004, has expired.

He estimated it would require six months to go through the city review process again and an additional six months to build the infrastructure required to develop the site.

“A lot of builders want to do something right now and this could take time,” Whitaker said.

Leawood City Planning Director Richard Coleman said the property is reserved for single-family development in the city comprehensive plan and the lots are zoned RP-2, single family residential. The property abuts a single-family neighborhood to the east.