We’re looking for more questions: what do you want to ask the candidates for U.S. Representative?


More questions. Surely, you can feel the excitement of the election year by now and we know you have questions for the candidates.

In addition to the candidates running for state senate, state representative and state school board, we are going to pose questions to the candidates running for U.S. Representative in the 3rd Congressional District. That would include Republican Kevin Yoder, Democrat Jay Sidie and Libertarian Steven Hohe.

For the seat in Congress, it means a whole different set of issues to be explored and different questions than we send to the candidates for state office.

So, come up with your questions and send them to us by comment on this page or email to stories@shawneemissionpost.com. We will choose five questions to pass along to the candidates.

If you still have questions for the state races, we can take those for about another day.