What questions do you want us to ask the candidates ahead of the November election?


As we have for the last few years, Shawnee Mission Post will once again pose questions to the candidates for state offices. We would like to know what issues you want to hear the candidates address before you cast a ballot.

This is a big ballot year. We will be developing questionnaires for a number of candidates for state offices. Our five-item questionnaire allows us to run one answer per day over the course of a week and we will break up the responses from different offices over the next month.

But, we need those questions to get started. What issues will be most important for you in making your decision? What specific questions do you want to ask? We probably will develop one set of questions for state senate and state representative candidates and another set for state school board candidates. We will publish the question list next week.

Here are the races we will be covering:

State Senate District 6 – Pat Pettey and Jason Conley
State Senate District 7 – Megan England and Barbara Bollier
State Senate District 10 – Vicki Hiatt and Mary Pilcher Cook
State Representative District 19 – Elizabeth Meitl, Stephanie Clayton and John Taube
State Representative District 21 – Jerry Stogsdill and Dorothy Hughes
State Representative District 24 – Jarrod Ousley and Rob Johnson
State Representative District 25 – Matt McCann and Melissa Rooker
State Board of Education District 2 – Chris Cindric and Steve Roberts

You can send questions through email (stories@shawneemissionpost.com), Facebook, Twitter or in the comments section.