Prairie Village brothers get shout out from Metallica for spot-on cover of metal classics

Still image from Catherine Rose’s Facebook Live broadcast of the Ismert boys on Sept. 11.

The Ismert boys of Prairie Village have been playing music together for about three years — and it seems they have a talent for it.

When a woman named Catherine Rose started streaming the trio, who go by the name Hammerhedd on stage, as they played a series of Metallica covers outside the t.Loft location on the Plaza last week, the video quickly went viral. So viral, in fact, that Metallica itself caught it three days later and gave the boys a shout out.

You can watch the video here.

National websites like Uproxx caught on, and posted the video online.

The brothers’ mom Bridget told the Kansas City Star that in the days that followed, the family got inquiries from America’s Got Talent and Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

Keep rockin’, Henry, Abe and Eli.