Kitana Rattanavong crowned 2016 Homecoming Queen at SM North

Kitana Rattanavong is crowned homecoming queen by principal Dave Tappan. Photo by Andrew Poland

Kitana Rattanavong is the 2016 homecoming queen at SM North.

Kitana was crowned by SM North Principal Dave Tappan during halftime ceremonies of the Indians’ win over Lansing at the SM North Stadium as Kitana’s tearful mother, Sayphin Bounyadeth looked on.

The homecoming court included Sandy Phommachan, second attendant and Magdelaine Hendricks, first attendant.

The top 10 for homecoming queen included Madison Brown, Emily Cooper, Magdelaine Hendricks, Natalie Lanman, Morgan Latham, Sandy Phommachan, Tessa Poterbin, Kitana Rattanavong, Kati Sneegas, and Tiana Stacker.

The homecoming parade planned for Friday afternoon was canceled for the third year in a row because of weather, but that did not stop the halftime coronation.

The 2016 SM North homecoming queen and her court. Photo by Andrew Poland
The 2016 SM North homecoming queen and her court. First attendant Magdelaine Hendricks is in blue dress at left and second attendant Sandy Phommachan is in red dress at right. Photo by Andrew Poland
A tearful mother
A tearful mother, Sayphin Bounyadeth, as her daughter is crowned homecoming queen.