Spotted in NEJC: hummingbird, owl and spider webs

VE7A0189While it may seem like a quiet suburban kind of place, there is lots of wildlife activity out there in NEJC and Shawnee Mission Post readers are on the lookout.

Our spotters have given us a bunch of good sightings this week.

Carol Tucker sent this dazzling picture of a ruby throated male hummingbird at the backyard feeder taken a few days ago.

Victor Carr sent in this picture of an owl that has been living in the backyard in the 7600 block of Tomahawk Rd. in Prairie Village for about three years. He reports that the owls have become parents and can hear them calling to the new addition.

owl in tree

And for really wild life, Mark Mohr passed along some pictures of intriguing spider webs that he shot early one morning just outside the garage door.

Cob webs