A perfect night for a swim – if you remember to bring the tennis ball

Pearl posed for pictures on her first outing at the Prairie Village pool.
Pearl and Jim posed for pictures on their first outing at the Prairie Village pool.

They brought a lot of tennis balls: The dogs at the Prairie Village pool Tuesday night.

And there were a lot of long noses on the dogs getting in the final frolic before the pool closed down for the season. Prairie Village, Mission and Merriam all held closing night swims for dogs Tuesday before the pools are shut down.

Linda and Jim Paul brought their 5-year-old English lab, Pearl, to the Prairie Village pool Tuesday. It was their first time to attend the dog swim event and they say they will be back for sure – everyone had a great time.

Sometines you have to go deep.

dogs in pool3

To come up with the prize.

dogs in pools 4

Almost everybody brought a tennis ball.

dogs in pool2

Lots of dogs, but plenty of room to swim.

dogs in pools 5