Leawood police warn of scam in which men received unsolicited photos of young woman, then threats from father

Seedy_OnlineLeawood police today issued a warning about a scam in which men were contacted by a young woman online and then later contacted by someone claiming to be from the police department. Here’s the release the Leawood police issued on the scam:

Leawood_PDLast week two Kansas City metro area men were contacted by scammers who claimed to be from the Leawood Police Department as part of the plot.

In each case, the men connected on-line with a young woman who identified herself as being from Leawood. After a short period, the men received unsolicited photos from her. Later in the day, both men were contacted by a subject who identified himself as the woman’s father, told them she was a juvenile and demanded money from the men to not involve the police. When the men refused payment, they reported receiving phone calls from the Leawood Police Department.

Fortunately both men refused to make payments and instead contacted our agency. The Leawood Police Department is continuing to investigate this issue. If anyone has any information or was
contacted in a similar manner, they are asked to contact the Leawood Police at 913/642-5555.