Prairie Village police bringing in new officers to maintain staffing levels; hiring not in response to change in crime reports


The Prairie Village Police Department has hired 10 officers so far this year, double the number usually recruited, and may add up to four more in the coming months.

Capt. Byron Roberson said the hires are due to a larger than normal number of officers retiring or leaving the profession, not in response to any significant change in crimes being reported in the community.

The department has an authorized staff level of 47 officers and patrols Mission Hills as well as Prairie Village. There are currently three recruits in the police academy and another four who are in field training and need supervision.

“We are looking to hire two more officers and possibly two additional ones so we can be at full capacity,” Roberson said.

“The process is a little longer than most jobs to get hired because there are many steps to the process to make sure we vet the right people for the job.

This process along with all the academy and field training can take up to the better part of a year to complete, which can be a huge commitment, but that is the type of people we are looking for.”