Friday’s rainfall heaviest in NEJC, leading to flash flooding, water rescues; close to 5 inches fell in short time

Cars stranded Friday night under Shawnee Mission Parkway at Roe Avenue.
Cars stranded Friday night under Shawnee Mission Parkway at Roe Avenue.

The incredible flooding that occurred in Northeast Johnson County was triggered by some of the heaviest rainfall seen in the area in a long time.

And the worst of the concentrated rain totals was near the area where fire departments were called in for water rescues. Close to 5 inches of rain fell at Martway and Rock Creek, near the spot where the Overland Park Fire Department helped four motorists whose cars were trapped in high waters under the Shawnee Mission Parkway overpass.

Three cars were stuck in high water up to the floorboards where Roe Ave. goes under the Parkway. One other car was stuck where Johnson Drive drops under the Parkway to merge into the eastbound lanes.

Firefighters at the scene said all of the drivers were able to get out of their cars, but needed some assistance getting out of the water.

Fire crews were busy all evening with water rescues, including one near Village Presbyterian Church on Mission Road. The rescues occurred about 10 p.m. Friday.

Rain gauges showed heavier rain totals in the northern part of the county. Less than an inching of rain fell in Leawood where Mission hits Indian Creek and the same time Martway was being pummeled with 4.81 inches.

Rainfall totals 

Totals from 8 a.m. Saturday                                  12 hour          24 hour           48 hour           7 days
Martway at Rock Creek                                              4.81                 5.08                 5.48                7.45
Antioch at Turkey Creek                                            3.39                4.96                  5.23                7.72
Lamar at Turkey Creek                                              4.49                5.20                  5.56                8.00
63rd and Mission                                                        4.37                4.41                  4.85                7.29
Mission at Rock Creek                                               3.39                3.62                  4.02               6.23
75th at Brush Creek                                                   3.66                3.66                  4.18                6.74
Porter Park                                                                  3.23                3.23                   3.78               6.34
Mission at Indian Creek                                           .43                   .43                     1.85                7.37
Roe at Tomahawk Creek                                          .51                    .51                     1.97               6.11
Johnson Dr. at Turkey Creek                                   3.70                 5.56                    6.03                8.51