Crowd shows up for pit bull education event in Mission; breed ban still faces Prairie Village City Council

Michael and Jenna Beardé with Ronnie.
Jenna and Michael Beardé with Ronnie.

Any given day in Mission, you can see pit bulls on the streets, Michael Beardé told a crowd gathered at Mélange event space Sunday. And, he said, you can see them interacting together at the Mission Farmers Market each week with no problems.

Michael and Jenna Beardé hosted a pit bull education session Sunday afternoon at Beardé Salon on Johnson Drive and used the Mélange space nearby to hold the nearly 100 people who showed up for presentations about pit bulls.

Also on hand was Lucky, a rescued pit bull that has become something of a celebrity – not to say the Beardé dogs have not after a video of their son reading to the dogs was posted.

“Ecstatic” was the description Michael gave to the Sunday turnout. “We’re happy that we had the opportunity to educate people.”

The Beardés moved out of Prairie Village, which has a ban on the breed, after their dogs who were not pit bulls were repeatedly reported as violating the ban.

The Prairie Village City Council will continue its discussion about lifting the ban in September. More than 30 people addressed the council earlier this month, all but one in favor of lifting the ban.

Courtney Thomas, CEO of Great Plains SPCA, was one of those who spoke to the council and was on hand Sunday. She hoped the event continued to raise awareness about the dogs.

The Beardés’ pit bull, Ronnie, spend 600 days in a shelter before they adopted him.

A large crowd showed up for the pit bull education sessions Sunday.
A large crowd showed up for the pit bull education sessions Sunday.