Fire crews rescue drivers stranded in flash flooding; falling tree strikes moving car on Mission

High waters stranded cars at 67th Street and Mission Road. Photo courtesy Don Austin.
High waters stranded cars at 67th Street and Mission Road. Photo courtesy Don Austin.

The torrential rains that hit northeast Johnson County Friday had emergency response crews scrambling to rescue motorists who drove into standing water and found their cars stranded.

First responders from Consolidated Fire District No. 2 were already assisting in a fatality car wreck on Metcalf Road in Mission when the calls for assistance to stranded motorists started coming in. Battalion Chief Ed Barger reports that the fire department assisted three stranded cars at 67th Street and Mission Road, four at Shawnee Mission Parkway and Roe Avenue, two near 5400 Mission Drive, and one at 56th Street and Canterbury Road.

Barger said the only incident that was related to Brush Creek spilling its banks was the one on Mission Drive, where the creek actually began pushing the vehicle downstream. In the other incidents, heavy rains caused water to start backing up on the roads and drivers underestimated its depth.

“Don’t drive into water,” Barger said.

All of the motorists were removed from their vehicles without injury, Barger said. And in many cases, the high water that stranded the vehicles receded relatively quickly. At 67th Street and Mission Road, for instance, Barger and the owner of a stranded Jeep were able to walk up to the vehicle 25 minutes after it had been inundated because the water had gone down. (The Jeep, unfortunately, did not start).

Reader Don Austin, who lives near the Village Shops, sent in the following photos of the scene at 67th Street and Mission:




The weather also led to a very close call in Fairway, where a falling tree in the 5600 block of Mission Road struck a moving car, according to reader Dan Bailey, who sent in the following photos:



The falling tree incident occurred around 10:30 p.m. Barger said MedAct responded to that call.

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