State gun law forces changes in employee handbooks to allow concealed carry; Roeland Park latest to adopt new policy


The state law that prohibits public employers from restricting the concealed carry of a handgun by their employees is causing Kansas cities to change their employee handbooks to comply.

Roeland Park last week became the latest city to undertake an employee handbook revision that changes the rules for employees. Under the new policy, approved by the city council, employees can carry handguns inside city buildings where allowed by state law as long as the gun is concealed and holstered.

Earlier this month, Mission Hills Mayor Rick Boeshaar reminded his city’s residents that the new carry rights for public employees do not extend to private property.

The new Roeland Park policy for concealed carry is below:

3. Conceal Carry of Firearms
Employees and officials, who are not otherwise prohibited by state or federal law, may carry a concealed handgun, consistent with the Kansas Personal and Family Protection Act, as amended, into City buildings, where the carrying of a concealed handgun is allowed under the provisions of state law.

a) Any employee carrying a concealed handgun within a City building pursuant to the provisions of state law must keep said handgun completely concealed, in a proper holster or similar product, with all safety features in place.

b) Storage of Concealed/Carry Firearms: It is the sole responsibility of the employee to maintain control of his/her concealed firearm and ammunition by ensuring that such firearm is on his or her person and attended to at all times.

c) Employees are also permitted while on City owned property to store a firearm within their own vehicle provided that such storage is outside of plain view from the exterior of the vehicle and that the vehicle is locked when the employee is not in the vehicle.

d) Other than certified law enforcement officers, it is outside of the course and scope of employment for any City employee or contractor to brandish, intentionally display, use, discharge, point or threaten any person with the use of a weapon in the workplace or in the exercise of his or her duties.

e) An employee’s failure to maintain a firearm in a concealed manner or locked as described herein could result in discipline, up to and including termination.

f) In the event that a City employee or official discharges a firearm while on duty, the Roeland Park Police Department shall investigate the discharge and file a report of investigation with the City Administrator. Based on such report, the City Administrator, or designee, will determine whether it constitutes grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination. The discharge of a firearm while on duty may also result in criminal charges.

Subject to other policies and procedures of the City of Roeland Park and Kansas law, law enforcement officers are the only individuals authorized to use deadly force while acting for and on behalf of the City of Roeland Park. Employees who are not authorized to use deadly force do not have the immunities and are not entitled to the same indemnity afforded law enforcement and other employees authorized to carry firearms within the scope of their employment. The City will not provide for, reimburse, or pay attorney fees or other costs in defense of any employee who uses deadly force if the use of deadly force is not a function of said employee’s job. “