Restaurant still in plans for 47th and Mission lot; must be cleaned up or new construction started by May

Colby Capital now owns the lot at 47th and Mission Road across from Taco Republic.
The lot at 47th and Mission Road across from Taco Republic has received and extension on its parking use.

A lot at the corner of 47th and Mission Road in Roeland Park will have until May 1, 2017 to be cleaned up or be the site of a new development.

The property has been controversial since the buildings were torn down and a developer announced plans for a restaurant on the site. The controversy stemmed in part from the condition of the property after demolition and from the fact that it is being used for parking for Taco Republic, which is across the street in Kansas City, Kan., and not in Roeland Park.

The property has since changed hands, but the new owner also wants to bring a restaurant to the site.

The new development agents for the property are Jeff Stehney with Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue, which sits on another corner of 47th and Mission, and Tyler Oliver with Colby Capital. “We’re just asking for a little time so we can go out and find that cool restaurant,” Oliver told the Roeland Park City Council last week. The special permit on the property dropped the number of spaces that could be used this month and the developer was to remove concrete and asphalt from the site.

“People are not happy with the way it (the corner) looks,” said council member Michael Rhoades. “I am confident something is going to happen there,” he added.

The council agreed to extend the use of all 34 spaces of parking until April 1, 2017. By May 1, the owner must break ground for a new restaurant or remove all the foundations, asphalt and debris and seed the ground for grass.

The developers have said they are not interested in a fast food restaurant for the site, but rather something higher end.