Mission Hills mayor draws attention to new state policy allowing city employees to carry guns

Mission Hills city hall.
Mission Hills city hall.

Mission Hills Mayor Rick Boeshaar used his column in the city’s summer newsletter to draw residents’ attention to a new state law that allows city and county government officials to carry guns on the job.

Boeshaar’s remarks on the subject are below:

The new laws allow public employers to prohibit employees from carrying weapons in the open (Open Carry), but they went on to prohibit employers from asking whether an employee is carrying a concealed weapon. That prohibition from asking DOES NOT apply to you as a resident.

These new rights to carry in public places DO NOT extend to private property. If a City employee (or any other person regardless of who they work for) were to come to your house, you have the right to ask whether he or she is carrying a weapon. If you ask and deny him or her the right to carry onto your property, regardless of whether that person has a permit to do so, he or she must remove it and put it back in their vehicle, before being allowed to be on your property or in your home.

Let me now assure you that Mission Hills City employees are terrific people, interested in your welfare, and dedicated to providing the services we have all come to expect. They are courteous and professional, and those who interact with our residents on an occasional or routine basis have earned many compliments for their courtesy and professionalism. Our City policies have, up until now, prohibited concealed or open carry and we will continue to prohibit open carry, but as of July 1 we (and all other public employers) will no longer be able to prohibit concealed carry by those who have a permit.