Trash troubles for NEJC continue to roil; Westwood sends letter to residents about problems, Mission passes along Deffenbaugh message

Recycling sat at the curb three days after scheduled pickup this morning.
Late pickups, especially of yard waste, have dogged trash haulers in NEJC.

The trash troubles in northeast Johnson County seem to have no end.

Friday, Westwood Mayor John Yé sent out a letter to residents saying the city is working with Town & Country, now owned by WCA Waste Corporation, on its delinquent pickup of yard waste in the city. Westwood is one of three cities – along with Fairway and Roeland Park – that took joint bids for trash service through Mid-America Regional Council.

“I wanted to assure you that we are addressing this issue,” Yé said in the letter. The joint bid several years ago, Yé said, saved more than $40,000 in reduced fees the first year. “Service has been good until the recent acquisition by WCA and seemingly only yard waste is being affected,” he said. “The City will vigorously work to ensure that WCA is held to the terms of service outlined in our contract.  We hope to have this resolved as quickly as possible.  Until then we ask for your patience as we examine all options to have the best service provider serve our community.”

A resident in a portion of Prairie Village that has Town & Country service reported Friday long waits to get a customer service representative on the phone and the voicemail box for customer service was too full to take additional messages.

Additionally, the City of Mission, which recently had a representative from Deffenbaugh speak to the city council about its service problems, posted a letter from Deffenbaugh recounting its issues. The letter says that some Deffenbaugh pickup days have changed, although none in Mission are affected.

Prairie Village last week moved to end its relationship with Deffenbaugh when the city council directed staff to negotiate a new contract with Republic Services, even though Deffenbaugh submitted the low bid.

At a council meeting tonight, Merriam has scheduled time on the agenda to discuss a single-trash hauler contract. The proposal for the discussion grew out of complaints from residents about trash service. The city does not have a single-hauler contract at present. Homeowners associations and residents contract for trash service on their own.