House 21 candidates on the issues: Brownback or Davis: Who did you support for governor in 2014?

Gov. Brownback on the night of his 2014 reelection.
Gov. Brownback on the night of his 2014 reelection.

With just a week to go before the August 2 primaries, we’ll be delving into the candidates’ positions on the issues that matter most to Shawnee Mission Post readers. Each day this week we’ll be running responses from Dorothy Hughes and Neil Melton, the two Republicans in the District 21 House of Representatives primary, to questions submitted by Shawnee Mission Post readers. Today we ask about who the candidates supported for Kansas governor back in 2014:

Who did you vote for in the 2014 Kansas governor’s race and why?

Neil Melton

Neil_melton_16I appreciate the question but I’m going to keep that information confidential. One of the freedoms we enjoy in this country is privacy at the ballot box. Even if I was to disclose who I voted for, there would be no way to fact check me any way. As your representative in Topeka I will take all constituents, and the variety of perspectives into consideration when casting votes. I will be accessible to every constituent. When it comes to working with other legislators, I will work with anyone that is willing to work with me, regardless of party.

Dorothy Hughes

Dorothy_Hughes_16My vote for Governor in 2014 was not about political party, and it was not personal. It was about good government. I voted for Paul Davis because I disagreed – and continue to disagree – with the direction our state has taken. We need to get back on track fiscally in Kansas, with real revenue reform and responsible spending on essential services like public education, transportation, and healthcare. The best way to accomplish this is by returning to an open, inclusive approach to policymaking, and my professional experience will be an asset to the district in this regard. Having worked in public policy for most of my career, I know what it takes to achieve policies that serve the best interests of our families and communities. We are fortunate to have a great system of government in America, and when it works the way it is meant to work – with three independent branches of government and strong local control – we can do great things. The best public policies are made when everyone is around the table working together, working with facts in a transparent way, and we have drifted away from that in Kansas. I believe we can and must return to good government and responsible, responsive public policymaking.

Tomorrow we’ll publish the candidates’ responses to the third questionnaire item:

Do you describe yourself as pro-choice or pro-life? Please explain your position in detail.